During the Qing Dynasty, when Daqing river is flooded, the corrupt magistrate of Sheng Fang county, is making people’s life even more miserable. To find out the living conditions, Emperor Qianlong with the princess and his guardsman Xue Shuying, secretly visits Sheng Fang. Unexpectedly, as news is leaked, both the anti-Qing organization and Tian Di Society and the Japanese pirates who hate the government policy are plotting an assassination. How can the guardsman Xue, a wise and brave man, manage to rescue the Emperor Qianlong and defeat the invaders?
CAST: Pei-Pei Cheng, Jie Yan, Wu Ma, Yuen Biao, Xie Mengwei
DIRECTOR: Jiao Xiaoyu
WRITER(s): Wang Shuntian
STATUS: Completed