Automatic Entertainment is a Los Angeles based independent motion picture financing and distribution management company. We collaborate with filmmakers to develop and produce movies that appeal to a global audience.

We work closely with theatrical distributors, television networks and film festivals around the world to secure distribution that promotes our movies to the widest possible audience.

Automatic Team

Michael Lurie has over 10 years of independent film sales expertise and rights negotiation. He has managed the acquisition, marketing and distribution of over a hundred titles into the global marketplace. Prior to launching Automatic Entertainment, he held the position of Vice President of Sales and Distribution at several sales agencies. Apart from co-managing the development and production of Automatic’s original content, Mr. Lurie’s primary focus is relationship management and business development.


Jeffrey Giles began his career at Nu Image/Millennium Films and retains a wealth of experience and knowledge in business affairs, sales and the production of notable titles such as The Expendables, Conan, Rambo, Righteous Kill and The Mechanic to name a few. Launching Automatic has enabled Mr. Giles to manage the entire process. From the development, finance and production of a film property to the sales, marketing and distribution of it. His day-to-day activities at Automatic include the development of original content, production, acquisitions, sales, marketing and business affairs.


Jacoby Bancroft joined Automatic Entertainment in 2016, bringing with him a wealth of experience from a wide variety of different entertainment fields, including video and radio broadcasting, multimedia reporting and talent management. Working with Automatic, Mr. Bancroft is responsible for development of original content and managing the ingestation of master materials, overseeing their timely delivery to distributors around the world.



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